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Artificial pollination impossible without bees

September, 2015. Click here to read more!

Beekeepers Nepal need help

May, 2015. Click here to read more!

Speciality honey from Nepal

June, 2014. Click here to read more!

Gandaki Bee International, Nepal - New brochure

December, 2012. Click here to read the brochure !

Honey International B.V., The Netherlands - New brochure

November, 2012. Click here to read the brochure ! (3 MB)

Renovation and new activities at Zlatomed

June, 2011. Fully renovated facilities and new investments are officially opened dd. 20-23 April, 2011 at Kirovograd. Pollination services are increased to benefit the agricultural sector in Ukraine. Substantial increases (up to 30%) in crop yields are demonstrated in a variety of crops. Training courses (train-the-trainer) proof their effectiveness. Many beekeepers improved yields per hive substantially and took advantage of the modern queen rearing program introduced. High speed wax fond processing is installed as service to Zlatomeds / Roman beekeepers. Efficient modern processing and filling systems boost Zlatomeds presence in the market serving more satisfied consumers.


Study Tour of Gandaki Bee International in The Netherlands

September, 2010. Mr. Bhusan and Mr. Dev Gurun are guest of Honey International in The Netherlands. The visit is dedicated to strengthening personal relations, evaluating implementation of joint investments and paying reference visits to Dutch honey experts and companies.


Honey International expands its cooperation with Sunline Ltd of Zambia.

August, 2010. The partnership agreement between Sunline Ltd and Honey International which was concluded earlier in Dar es Salaam (April 2009) is now cemented in a joint venture agreement for joint development of beekeeping and processing/marketing activities.


Honey International concludes a partnership with Prodapys of Brazil.

July, 2010. Prodapys is the leading honey producing and exporting company of Brazil. The company gained national as well as international recognition for its national Quality Control program and outstanding work with suppliers, employees and clients, its certification and food safety activities as well as its wide range of honey and api products. The partnership between Honey International and Prodapys focuses on the North and North Eastern States of Brazil.


Trade Fairs

Honey International and its partners attend the Apimondia yearly. In addition, each partner is very active in its own country. We are present at SIAL (France) as well as Anuga and BioFach (Germany).



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